New Car Sales Associate

Hi, I'm Manny Muheidat

Hi I'm Manny and I love this work.  I've worked at other dealerships and there is
no comparison to how well customers are treated here at DCH Paramus Honda and that sits so well with that... When you combine that with the reliability and quality of the Honda line up and it just makes for a combination that means I have a real appreciation.
Working with customers is a special way of life and sometimes it isn't easy.  It takes hard work to come to a good solid understanding in different situations.  But there is also great satisfaction in doing a job well for so many people, backed up by the solid management and a company that is squarely dedicated to customer happiness.
I love to have the opportunity to work with you.

- Manny

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My Hours:   Monday: 9am-9pm
Wednesday: 9am-9pm

All About Me

My Background

  • Children:
  • 2 Boys - ages 8 and 2, I'd love for my oldest boy to be an engineer.
  • I speak:
  • English and Arabic
  • My hometown is:
  • Jordan

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    Family & Things I Like

  • Sports I play:
  • soccer, pingpong
  • My hobbies are:
  • cars, shopping for clothes and gadgets, kids and work.
  • Favorite shows or movies:
  • ID, XFiles
  • My brothers/sisters:
  • 6
  • My Favorite Holiday:
  • Thanksgiving
  • My Favorite Foods:
  • Shishkabob, and other Middle Eastern food
  • On My Bucket List:
  • Retire on an Island

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    Cars, Hondas and DCH

  • What I Like Best About Honda:
  • Honda has been in the marketplace a long time with great quality and prices.
  • I Love This Work Because:
  • It's a really fun job and I like it very much.
  • My Favorite Thing About DCH Paramus Honda:
  • Our treatment of customers - I've worked for other dealerships and there is no comparison. This dealership treats customers the best I have ever seen - top in the industry withou a doubt.
  • My Favorite Honda Model:
  • The Honda Accord

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    Advice for My Customers

  • My Favorite Part of Working with Customers at DCH Paramus Honda:
  • When a customer has reached the point where they know everything they need to know.
  • The Most Important Thing A Car Buyer Should Decide is:
  • Are they within their budget and meeting their needs.

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    "At DCH Paramus Honda delivering customer happiness is what we do every single day. Stop by and let us help deliver your customer happiness too!"

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